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“Dear Val, We are still slightly reeling from the party - it was all such fun and went so well that we have had lots of thanks and congratulations which is lovely. Various people asked how I found such a perfect venue - internet of course, but the presentation and taste of your web site really helped. .Then they asked about finding such great caterers - well, I had to admit that they came with the Hall [again web site was a great help/very encouraging] which made me realise what a punt it was in a way as I had no experience, or recommendation, of your food. The quality and of your menus was an indication, but they could conceivably have tasted of cardboard whereas in fact everything was delicious. The canap├ęs came in for most praise - I was only annoyed that I tried nothing but the fish & chips as I felt too nervous. Then the puddings - which I considered really fantastic - so clever to get a taste of three, and so prettily and appetisingly arranged - with the brandy snap basket thinggy being actually epic. The quality and quantity of the vegetables were also remarked upon... . Getting the right size place is key and nine tables of ten was just right for that room - having the fireplace area free was good for the speeches and some photos - the painting above is a great backdrop. I was surprised not so many people sat around there but it was an important feature as reagrds atmosphere - some people even remarked on the delight of the smell of wood smoke! Also people were enjoying chatting circulating around the room - so - fine. Candelabra are the perfect table decoration - really no need for more in terms of atmosphere - sophisticated yet warm etc. For me personally my enjoyment of the evening was much enhanced by my feeling that everything was under control, that it was all working smoothly and that I did not need to fret or interfere. That was partly the organisation pre- the evening, but also Rhianne was impressive - clearly competent without being dour - she was pleasant and smiley. The waiting staff were very good too - there seemed to be loads of them and they were very nimble so there was no hanging around - important with timing relatively tight. I am in danger of over egging the praise so it sounds insincere but really it was all impressive. Thank you - to you, and to your team and all involved, Best wishes, Laura Westbury”


Laura Westbury

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Hall History

The Merchant Taylors Hall, lying just north of Aldwark in the City of York, is one of the most remarkable memorials to the Cities medieval past and to one of its largest and most influential fraternities.

As a result of intensive restoration and refurbishment campaigns during the last sixty years, its interior has been restored to much of its original appearance when it was originally built six hundred years ago.

Find out more about the history of the hall and The Company of Merchant Taylors in the City Of York website.

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